Welcome to asxcorrelations.com!

This site contains a set of analytical tools to find correlations between financial instruments listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This website calculates the correlation coefficients between every possible pairing of shares on the ASX (over 4.8 million combinations) and provides an easy interface to explore this data. The ASX correlation data is updated monthly.

How to use this site

Enter the ASX code of the company you wish to investigate into the search bar at the top-right of this page. The top positively and negatively correlated and non-correlated instruments for that company will be calculated. For example, to see what instruments are correlated with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia you would enter "CBA". A full list of ASX codes for listed Australian companies can be found here. To make the data more readable the correlation coefficients (Corr.) have been converted into a percentage value. Positive values indicates a positive correlation, negative values indicate a negative correlation values close to 0% indicate no correlation.

Beta release

This site is still under development so any feedback or bug reports are appreciated. Please contact me at info@asxcorrelations.com.